Meet Dr. Patrick Davitt:

At the intersection of nutrition, fitness, and personal development, Dr. Davitt stands as a relentless pursuer of adventure and understanding. With over 15 years of enriched experience, he has notably served as the head sports nutritionist for Rutgers Football and has made significant academic contributions both in teaching and research at Rutgers, UConn, and Saint Joseph’s University. He doesn’t just study 100 mile trail races, but runs them as well! His insightful presentations have garnered national attention, with features in prestigious publications like National Geographic, Outside, and Runners World. Beyond the academic accolades, Patrick embodies a spirit of growth, discipline, and character. As a devoted coach, loving husband, and father of two, he weaves together scholarly insights with genuine life wisdom.

If you're searching for an insightful, dynamic voice for your podcast or event, explore the world of wellness with Dr. Davitt – where science meets the heart of human potential.

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